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 Greetings! Old and New members!

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PostSubject: Greetings! Old and New members!   Fri Jan 25, 2008 9:03 am

First I wanna welcome everyone to the forum!
We finally got our own forum! Took way too long for us to get one but we finall got one What a Face
Everything you can look to for a forum too, can feel pretty at home here when everyone has found the place.
We got our own Chat box, RPG cards, and even Custom smiles I made rofl

Only prob with this forum is I gotta get creative with the sections because theres no splitters(headers) to seprate the topics =( so it may look a little clustered for now, Ill fix em.
With the problems outta the way lets move on~

Run down on this whole forum

We got the Announcements as ya notice, every forum has ta have em =l
Its a locked forum only "I" make posts to everyone includeing leaders/mods/special ranks/members
If you guys would like to send a message to everyone out there for everyone to know you can use "Global Message"

Message(s) of the day is another locked forum only Leaders like Zodd, Me, Jayston and Textile can make posts there to our guilds. Again its a "GUILD" message NOT General WoW Messages, thats "Global Message" which everyone has access to

The public sections we all know bout with "General Chat", "Fun Section, "Music Section" are all public sections for everyone =)
If you got a suggestion for a new section that you want public feel free to message me. Ill be on these sections often too =D

Message to Tri section is a free section, if you got somethin you wanna tell me feel free to go ahead and say it, no one else has a right to post sept me and the topic poster, nothin is gonna happen to the poster if they got somethin they want to tell me, keep it under controlled though.
If you feel the need to you can post as a "guest" just dont log in to do it

"Message to ?" can message someone by forum, other can contribute if they know anything to add to it.
Be civil and under controlled

"General" is talk between the guilds related to WoW =p

"The Horde" just under that is The Horde on Toxic sever. Anything related to the guild on that sever goes there.

"The Alliance" just under that is The Alliance on Toxic sever. Anything related to the guild on that sever goes there.

"PvP Matches and Events" explained in the description

"General" under that is anything refering to gideonslair

"The Horde" section right under that is for the guild under Gideonslair

"The Horde and Security" is for our Brother guild on offcial

"General WoW" Anything about WoW in general can be put here all guilds can come here

"Classes List" Anything like guides, stradigys for classes combos and anything like that can go here

"Suggestions" and of which go under these forums

Than other games after all that

If you guys got an idea for a section message me, I will also do "Personal Sections" for you guys if ya would like, where ya can manage your own forum and post your own things, journels even.

I will assign you all to your groups when ya get here =)
We got Generation groups and such
There are alot of Rank ups to your posts counts
Special Ranks and Groups
And theres a heck of alot more

Theres so much more to say about and what there is but then that would take too long and I'm only givin you guys the run down of things, not the whole idea /<img src=" longdesc="86" />
You'll have to find it all out for ya selfs =)

Videos can be directly linked to the form, basicly HTML is allowed/enabled (I made sure Smile )

I will do forum funs, events, and unexpected things too!

The forum will never stay the same look, it will change over time and get updated, so expect changes to the forum and what it looks like as this is not the final look on it
Everything will get updated and changed, even smiles and groups as well as ranks

If theres any forum to become a part of and active in its this one, as it is related to us and involes all of us.

Special thanks goes out to thedeafguy for helping me get the forums up and running
Without him we would not have such a nice forum or all the neat stuff we got here, or so quickly either. So be sure to thank him!

Thats about it for the run down guys
Have fun! This is our Home forum from now on
/dance1 /dance1 /dance1 /dance1 /dance1 /dance1
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Greetings! Old and New members!
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