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 Rules for the Board

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PostSubject: Rules for the Board   Fri Jan 25, 2008 9:37 am

Yea like all Forums theres rules =l
Few Simple rules

- Yes course language is allowed, just not high abuseive use to it say it only when theres a need to please. Dont use it as a common way to talk, like my sister 5 years ago, every 2 words that came outta her mouth was the word "fuck" that just made it hard to talk and understand her.
- We are a family try to not bully each other and enjoy each others company
- Respect opinions of other members
- No god damn porn, I will shoot you if ya do, I'm serious you will be put in something called the "Gay boys" club if ya do and you will not like it. The cloest form of porn that can be gotten to is the custom emoticon I made
- Dont bother me with my grammer and spelling, I could care less
- Dont piss people off
- I allow small forms of spam but for the love of peace keep it minimal, you too taur =) I got a rank for spammers too
- Not everyone can speak "uber english" so help them out and show some understanding for them and try to figure out what they mean to say if it does not make sense

Of all the rules this is the one I want you guys to follow
- Use common sense and use your brain

Dont be afraid to try/post new things, fear does not run this board =)
Do what ya gotta do, post what ya want to, dont let fear run ya, make choices dont look back
If ya post something dont delete it, edit if ya see spelling mistakes ya wanna fix go ahead, but dont change what ya said.
I'm an understanding guy and as long as ya use "common sense" you will find it eazy to get along with not only me but everyone else.
Only free board where ya can say what ever ya want to me is the "Message to Tri board"
Can voice what ya want to me and nothin will happen to you. Can sue me if somethin does.

Other than that thats about it =)
Respect, no porn, common sense, no fear
Those are the rules
Oh and have fun geek
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Rules for the Board
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